Why Entrepreneurship?

Because it is the driving force behind wealth creation. Turning new  ideas into viable commercial enterprises, entrepreneurial firms tend to deploy the most recent advances in technology and business processes. Some breakthrough organizations will deploy these ideas that can revolutionize an industry or create an entirely new industry. Having those sorts of creative firms in the Upstate will ensure that we remain a premier business community. 

What is NEXT?

NEXT attracts and grows high impact, technology companies by developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem needed by these companies, and connecting companies to this ecosystem.  NEXT has lead the efforts to create: CEO Forums, NEXT Innovation Center, NEXT Intern Greenville, and TEDxGreenville, and supported through seed funding the creation of the Upstate Carolina Angel Network, and the startup accelerator, The Iron Yard.  

In addition to developing the entrepreneurial support ecosystem, NEXT  offers the following direct services to CEOs of technology companies:

* Connections to mentors, business and community leaders, service providers

* Connections to peer CEOs

* Attraction/Recruitment of  talent

* Access to capital

* Access to public advocacy resources